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Corporate Clinic is a Human Resource Development Training scheme where we treat the ill performances of the corporate world, and train on practical methods to improve these performances. It promotes self development, skill development, positive attitude, talent enhancement, effective leadership and contributions to organizational structures. In Corporate Clinic, we carefully examine your organization; the mindset, ideologies, and concepts of staff, diagnose challenges and prescribe tested and proven solutions to the organization.

It is noteworthy that the productivity of any organization depends on the sum total of the competent skill sets that the various departments within the given organization possess. It is also true that the value of any department within an organization is dependent on the individual productivity of the employees in that department. This implies that it is not the number of employees but their functionality that will build a productive organization. Thus the strength of any organization is directly proportional to its staff’s productive ability and not numerical strength.

In many organizations today, we see the case of a staff strength not commensurate to their productivity level. A major contributing factor to this challenge is the misconception of employees about their jobs and their attitude to work. Employees often see their jobs as a means to earn a living and not an end to a living. They fail to take cognizance of the fact that they were employed to work in order to help achieve organizational goals. This necessitates our Corporate Clinic Training Scheme, as it helps develop staff performance which in turn enhances organizational performance. Our Corporate Clinic Training sufficiently addresses the employees’ skills set, knowledge and attitude which affects productivity. Incompetent skills sets, poor knowledge and ill attitude among staff have been the bane of many organizations and this scheme helps identify, as well as fill in for the missing links.

Our Corporate Clinic Training Scheme consists of the following courses:

  • Skills Gap Management
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Leadership Quotient
  • Synergy Management
  • Total Quality Management
  • Strategic Management

This is a Human Resource Development Training Scheme, where we review the performances of ministries, and train on practical methods to improve these performances. It promotes self development, skill development and management, positive attitude, talent enhancement, effective leadership and contributions to organizational structures.

In CHURCH DYNAMICS, we carefully examine ministries, the mindset, ideologies and concepts of the leaders, diagnose their challenges and prescribe tested and proven solutions to the ministry.

It becomes important to note that the effectiveness and productivity of any ministry is dependent on the productivity level of the leaders and workers within that ministry. And productivity is simply “product plus creativity”. Thus, Church Dynamics helps boost leadership abilities as well as creativity in training participants within churches.

“The whole is greater than the sum of its part”.  This course addresses teamwork among staff. It helps deploy the various individual competencies of staffers toward a common organizational agenda. It suffocates divisions, fractions and disunity within staff members and projects a common goals.

Synergy Management broods the idea of staff complementing each rather than competing. This course has proven to be the number one change catalyst for organizations.

Forward is a Fast-Track Consulting flagship conference that has enhanced organizational effectiveness and helped participants reach their full management and leadership potentials. Delivered by world-leading experts in various fields with management and leadership courses, featuring cutting edge practices and techniques to help you, your team and your organisation excel in today’s challenging business environment. This programme will help the Management and Leadership abilities of participants, as well as provide them with the opportunity to enhance specific capabilities in market share dominance, influencing and negotiation, high impact communications, time management, performance management improvement, strategy development, leading change, policy and procedure development and more.

Speak Up Nigeria is a FastTrack Consulting initiative aimed at getting to engage the minds of the Nigerian youth to think constructively and properly articulate their intellectual properties and ideas to the absolute advancement of the nation.  It seeks to help young minds to creatively express their thoughts appropriately in well constructed speeches. This hopes to give a voice to the youth as well as encourage them to negotiate their desires nonviolently. It further places a demand on the thinking faculty of these young minds allowing them to proffer worthy solution to evident challenges. The solutions, suggestions and creative interventions of the contestants would be documented and handed to the government.

The maiden edition was held in Bayelsa State (SPEAK UP BAYELSA). It was a public speaking contest that saw contestants present their thoughts to a panel of judges. Three winners emerged amongst a total of 140 contestants and were rewarded with the sum of ₦500,000, ₦200,000 and ₦100,000 as first, second and third prizes respectively.

The theme for the first edition was “Bayelsa Economy: People, Place and Policies. That is, the Economy of Bayelsa as it is dependent on the PEOPLE (Bayelsans),  the PLACE (Natural resources) and POLICIES (binding procedures and protocols).

SPUR: Stimulant for Progress and Ultimate Results. SPUR Workshop teaches:

  • The secretes of Seven Star performers (moving from average to exceptional).
  • How to become indispensable in the market place.
  • Global compliant principles and practices for international operations.
  • Effective ideation and brainstorming for profitability.
  • Seven (7) all important skills for 21st century entrepreneurs (what would take your business from point ‘A’ to point ‘Z’).

This is a monthly platform where we intentionally raise leaders to demonstrate leadership, and assume responsibility for personal and communal development.

The central focus here is to raise a total of ten thousand leaders in various sectors of the economy by 2025.

This is a business incubation programme for Niger Delta business operations poised to hatch out future luminaries in various sectors in Africa. It is a platform where aspiring and emerging business leaders convene to meet and listen to CEO’s of repute from various sectors of the economy share their competencies, knowledge and experiences for the continued development of the Niger Delta.

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